2003 Nissian Persage $3,500 obo - Kadena Air Base

By: Keirra Watts     Listed: 2.8 Yrs ago     Category: Van     Military Base: Kadena Air Base Lemon Lot
Location: Apo, AP, 96367

JCI due October 2018
AUTOMATIC transmission
Rear and side camera
Lots of storage compartments (great for kids)
ETC capability
Seats 8 (7 if Captain Chair Option is used.
Amazing heating and cooling
New tires previously installed (OCT 16)
Recent oil change (Jan 17)
Available Immediately. I Will have inside and outside detailed prior to selling

Vehicle Information

Nearest Military Base(s)
1.Kadena Air Base
2.Camp Butler MCCS
3.USAG Torii Station

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NameKeirra Watts
AddressApo, AP, 96367
Phone(806) 481-3950
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