What Is Lemon Lot?

Every military base has a large parking lot where anyone with base previleges resells their car, rv, motrocycle, truck, boat, atv or trailer. "Lemon" is just a common nickname for these resale lots on military bases. Lemon lots are designed to help military families that are looking for a safe, convenient and affordable place to sell their used cars, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, boats, ATVs or trailers.

Members of the military community intending to sell their various movable vehicles can now do so at MilClick.com. The website helps in the marketing and advertising of motor cars, boats, motor cycles and other military vehicles, absolutely FREE.

Whether you are tired of your used car, you want to get a new car or have to move away after a deployment and/ or orders to move, you can trust that MilClick.com will help you sell off your vehicles.

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