ASAP need gone!! - San Diego MC Recruit Depot

By: Lisa Cruz     Listed: 5.5 Yrs ago     Category: Hatchback     Military Base: San Diego MC Recruit Depot Lemon Lot
Location: San Diego, CA, 92110

It's been an excellent car to me for almost 10 years. It's only been in one accident. In 2007 didn't drive it a lot so still have pretty low miles on the car. Were asking $3500 OBO. We bought another car last year and don't use the car at all and were moving so that's why we're selling. It also does not have AC just a heater but you can always install an AC since it has the functions for it in the car. I replaced the am/fm in the car and put a CD player, but it's old and doesn't work so you would have to replace it. The car has been payed off in 2010 and I do have the title to the car. Other then that if you have any more questions, give me a call (904) 378-6906.

For some reason the pictures does not want to upload so if you want to see pictures i can via email or send the pictures through text. I know, ghetto, but the only way I can show you pictures of my car. Thank you for understanding.

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Nearest Military Base(s)
1.San Diego MC Recruit Depot
2.San Diego NS
3.San Diego Naval Submarine Base

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NameLisa Cruz
AddressSan Diego, CA, 92110
Phone(904) 378-6906
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