77 F150 Ranger 2WD Positraction - Fort Bragg

By: Monte Kennedy     Listed: 5.2 Yrs ago     Category: Pickup Truck     Military Base: Fort Bragg Lemon Lot
Location: Fayetteville, NC, 28312

Has 351 c.i. Modified engine, posi-traction 3.90 rear end, old tires, old truck, doesn't smoke or eat or leak oil, heavy duty hitch on back. Runs okay, just re tagged, does not need inspection. Antique status. All lights work, horn works, 2bbl carb. new starter and alternator. New distributor. New front brakes. New brake master cylinder. New fuel pump. Carolina Blue color w/white stripe down side. Automatic Trans. on the column shift. Tool box not included. Get a Edelbrock intake manifold and an Edelbrock 4bbl carburetor, cost about near 500.00, truck will smoke the tires with that setup. 2500.00 OBO Have clean Title Not a truck for penny pinching shade tree mechanics. If you don't have the money to restore to great condition, then you are wasting yours and my time. Tool box not included. Am pondering new Edelbrock intake manifold and 4bbl carburetor install soon if no sell at 2500.00, will go up to 3500.00 then.
Would look great restored paint job and rims.

Vehicle Information
ModelF150 Ranger
ColorCarolina Blue/white

Nearest Military Base(s)
1.Fort Bragg - 20 miles
2.Pope AFB - 20 miles
3.Camp Lejeune

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