2011 White Dodge Dakota BigHorn Crewcab- V6

By: montes nancy     Listed: 5.5 Yrs ago     Category: Pickup Truck     Military Base: Fort Bragg Lemon Lot
Location: Fayetteville, NC, 28306

Automatic, Power steering, brakes and windows. Sprayed in bed liner and undercoating by Linex. Excellent condition, good gas mileage and one owner. Mileage-11,100. Engine size-3.7LT

Vehicle Information

Nearest Military Base(s)
1.Fort Bragg - 30 miles
2.Fort Jackson - 300 miles
3.Stewart ANGB - 400 miles

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Namemontes nancy
AddressFayetteville, NC, 28306
Phone(910) 574-5219
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