1989 Jeep YJ - Fort Bragg

By: Courtney Otero     Listed: 5.3 Yrs ago     Category: Jeep     Military Base: Fort Bragg Lemon Lot
Location: Linden, NC, 28356

- 4.2 Inline 6 (rebuilt within last 5,000 miles)
- Manual Transmission
- 32/36 DGEV Weber Carburetor
- High Energy Ignition(HEI) Distributor
- Electric fuel pump conversion
- Optima Red Top battery
- Have replaced just about everything in the
engine at one point or another. The above
are upgrades made. All other parts are
stock for the most part.
- Rubicon Express 7" Spring Over Axle lift.
- Rubicon Express Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit
- Rubicon Express CV Drive shaft
- Interco TRXUS M/T 37x12.50 tires (New)
- 4.88 front/rear gears
- DANA 35 rear axle
- DANA Super 30 front axle
- 4x4 Posi-Lok Positive axle engagement
actuator kit
- Auburn ECTED Locker (front)
- Rocky Road Outfitters Over the Top (OTT)
steering system kit

- Color: Silver w/ black trim
- Hard top (Black)
- Full doors (decent shape/ need work)
- Bikini top
- half doors (locks need adjusting)
- RAMPAGE front recovery bumper w/stinger
(4" driving lights recessed in bumper)
- Smittybilt XRC10 mounted winch
(never used)
- RAMPAGE rear recovery bumper w/tire.
swing (4" driving lights recessed in bumper) - Gen Right rocker guard with bars
- Hi-Lift 48" jack mounted to hood
- 2 x KC HiLites w/windshield mounts

- Nothing sexy inside.
- Smittybilt XRC Suspension seats (need
- Corbeau 2" 3-point harness seat belts

Things that it would likely need upgrade:
- Upgrade Brakes
- Seat covers/re-upholster
- Both sets of doors need work
- radio/speakers
- As the jeep heats up, vapor lock kicks in
and begins to sputter. Upgraded to electric
fuel pump to push more PSI to carb, but not
Sure this fixed the problem

Can provide more pictures (interior and engine) as needed.

Vehicle Information

Nearest Military Base(s)
1.Fort Bragg
2.Pope AFB

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